Prince William chosen by 'higher power' to be King: Astrologer

Prince William chosen by ‘higher power’ to be King: Astrologer

Prince William and Kate Middleton are the monarchy’s strongest hope, notes an astrologer.

Writing for New York Post, Kyle Thomas shares how the Cambridge couple is meant to work together when William becomes King.

Speaking about William solely at first, Mr Thomas admits that the heir is set to have a destiny like the Queen herself.

“When looking at his birth chart, my jaw dropped. This same sort of effect happened to me when I peered into her Majesty’s birth chart, too. The reason I say this is because there’s a strange sense of otherworldliness to how it is set up—and if I’m going to be honest, it feels as if a higher order or power chose him specifically for the role he has played and will later in his lifetime,” said the astrologer.

Sharing his reasons, the expert adds: “Here’s why: his chart repeatedly speaks of power, public influence and being precisely able to handle it. I’ve analyzed birth charts of some of the most powerful and famous people on Earth—but Prince William’s speaks in volumes that he will be a respected, beloved and gracious heir to the throne.”

Speaking about Kate’s calling, the astrologer admits that the Duchess is ideal to work with and for people.

“When peering at her chart, it is quite clear that she has become a master of dealing with conflict, balance and restrictions—always being taught to work harder and rise above. She has tremendous ambition and will, and is strategic to a very heightened degree, which is seen by her Sun clashing with Saturn,” noted the astrologer.

The expert then goes on to brand Kate and William as an ideal couple for the royal future, noting that the duo is ‘soulmates.’ 

“When I pull up their charts, it is quite easy to see that these two are definitely star-crossed lovers and meant for one another. Soulmates? Definitely. They have a powerful ability to balance one another across the board, as well as communicate on very deep levels. Intimacy and romance? Absolutely. They truly have everything a couple needs to work as a team, build an empire and have fun while doing it. My compatibility rating for them is 9 out of 10,” he concludes.

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