Kate Middleton left 'squirming' when royal engagement turned in to press call

Kate Middleton left ‘squirming’ when royal engagement turned in to Q&A session

Kate Middleton was once caught off guard during a royal engagement.

Royal reported Richard Palmer narrated how the Duchess of Sussex was left ‘squirming’ when an engagement protocol was broken during 2021 meeting with US First Lady, Jill Biden.

He tells Daily Express: “It is always a really tricky area as a royal correspondent if you are covering one of their royal engagements.

“You are always dying to ask questions or whatever but the rules of engagement are that you don’t ask questions.

“Occasionally, in fact quite often, there are sort of ‘off the cuff’ remarks and a bit of banter between members of the Royal Family, but you are not supposed to turn it into a question and answer session”.

Sharing the hilarious moment, he said: “When I was down there, covering Kate with Jill Biden during the G7 Summit.

“That was quite interesting to see the Duchess squirming as the White House press call turned it into a press conference”.

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