Johnny Depp’s bodyguard lifts veil off from Amber Heard's 'lies': 'Heard her screaming'

Johnny Depp’s bodyguard lifts veil off from Amber Heard’s ‘lies’: ‘Heard her screaming’

Johnny Depp’s bodyguard has finally come forward to offer insight into “what really happened” behind closed doors.

The bodyguard, Malcolm Connolly, 58, made the revelations on Thursday, April 28, during his time on the stand.

He even accused Amber Heard of ‘flipping’ her demeanour on Johnny Depp, shortly after their relationship became serious.

He even went as far as to allege, “As time went on, you know, I could see them change. I could see Amber change. I could see Johnny getting quieter.”

Recounting some instances where he’d hear occasional arguments between the couple, Mr Connolly revealed, “I could hear at times in certain accommodations with this thing out.”

“I could hear Amber screaming. I could hear shouting and bawling and I could hear it going on.”

He also emphasized Amber Heard’s identity as the aggressor in those situations and added, “Mostly, I could hear Amber screaming.”

When asked about physical altercations he explained that they ‘never’ happened in his presence, “I never seen any slapping, or grabbing, or punching, or hitting,” he admitted.

But, also made it clear that there would often be “scratches on [Johnny Depp’s] neck. Maybe a fat lip in the corner. Maybe a bruising on the eye socket,” the next morning. 

Not only that, “It was getting more regular. Not every week, but it was definitely happening, yeah.”

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